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At your first session, you will be asked to fill out a general health history form. This will allow the massage therapist to evaluate any special health conditions or areas of concern that need to be addressed during the massage. A cancellation policy will also be reviewed at that time.

Clients are generally not required to do anything during a session. You are asked to find a comfortable position to lie in. The therapist will explain at the start of the session if they would like you to start a session lying face up or face down. This may vary depending on session goals. Some people choose to just lie in silence and some even fall asleep. Others have a difficult time quieting their mind and relax more comfortably by chatting at times during the session. The sessions are geared to your comfort level. At some points the therapist may ask to reposition you to be more effective in working on a specific area.

This will depend on the session goals. If a client is there solely for relaxation, the therapist will most likely use more long flowing strokes called effleurage to help calm the nervous system and relax the exterior muscles. The pressure is modified to each individuals comfort level. Some prefer lighter touch while others prefer a more firm pressure. It is of utmost importance to communicate with your therapist regarding pressure to ensure that your session is everything you would like it to be. Other types of massage, such as deep tissue, more pressure may be applied and could cause some tender points during the session or on the following day. Oil of some sort is typically used to reduce friction on the skin as the massage is being performed.

No, there are some medical conditions in which massage may do more harm than good and should be avoided. It is of utmost importance that you fill out the health history as honestly and accurately as possible to avoid any issues with the massage. Please inform your therapist if you are currently under a doctor’s care or are taking any medications. In some cases you may be asked to bring signed consent from your health care provider.

The average full-body relaxation massage treatment lasts approximately 50 minutes to an hour. Deep tissue massages or other treatments may require 90 minutes for a full-body treatment. Minimum session times are 30 minutes. These are usually geared towards more focused areas such as neck, back and shoulders. Or focus on just the legs or just hand and foot massage.

Most people feel very relaxed after a session. There is often an increase energy, more mental focus, heighten awareness, and increase productivity after the initial relaxation has worn off. Clients who come in with pain due to stress or repetitive motion injuries may experience pain relief as well. Sometimes there is lasting relief and sometimes more than one session may be required for longer term effects.

Yes, you can choose your therapist but you may have to wait for an appointment depending on the therapist schedule availability.