Spa Party Massage

Spa parties is the perfect theme for bridal shower, birthday, family gathering or just plain female bonding!

Here are 7 reasons why you need a spa party on your next occasion.

• Pamper Yourself Before a Wedding
• An Alternative to a Baby Shower
• Birthday Celebration After Finals Week
• To Make the Most Out of Your Vacation
• Because Treat Yourself
• Mother’s Day

Add-ons: (Optional)

• Divider
• Massage Table
• Massage Chair
• Matress

Party Spa Massage with friends

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Moments of Enlightenment

Our spa parties may also include “Moments of Enlightenment,” which is a brief period of time whereby we introduce a new or unique spa service, product, and/or share tips on healthy living. We believe that educating our clients about wellness allows them to benefit more from spa treatments and inspires them to make lifestyle changes. With our unique approach, we feel that wellness services are not just indulgent, pampering luxuries or once in a lifetime treats, but actual necessities, especially in this modern world of chaos and poor health. Taking care of mind and body just makes good sense, everyday. To relax is to be healthy. So if you invite us over, we promise to be the most relaxing houseguests you’ve ever spent time with!

We Bring Only The Best!

Put the world on hold…and put yourself in our hands! We not only provide you with the best quality of services, but also the very best in therapists. Our professional staff is highly skilled, experienced, licensed, insured and uniformed, ready to cater to every aspect of your event. We truly care and every little detail about your event is important to us. Our goal is to provide each and every guest with a very happily successful, unique and unforgettable spa experience!